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Easy Crypto-Trading with Titan Trade Club Membership

What can you do?

Titan Trade Club compensation plan is really simple.  But success is built by personally building a good, strong downline and helping your downline do the same – not by relying on one’s upline.

One way to easily explain how to get started building a successful team is – “get 2, who will also get their 2, who in turn will get their own 2”.

In a nutshell: team building requires due diligence to reap the rewards.  Understand the rules, be a team leader, and you can make excellent commissions.  Sit back and wait for others to do for you – and you’ll be sadly disappointed.  The binary is no place for unrealistic expectations.

Start At The Top

You are at the top of your team even if you are under other people (your upline), you are at the head of your Titan Trade business plan. So learn the key to binary compensation which is outstanding leadership!

Build and Balance Your Team

You build two team legs; hence the binary.  Once you have two people recruited to lead both legs, new referrals go under one of those legs – the “pay leg”. The other leg is typically build by your sponsor – the “power leg”.  Commissions are paid on the lesser volume of the two legs. If one leg produces substantially larger volume than the other, you earn less in commissions than what is available. Work to balance your inside “pay leg” to keep up with the outside “power leg” by continuing to refer, and helping your team create referrals.

Be A Leader

The challenge for any team is retention – so to avoid developing a weakness that diminishes compensation, recruit for your weakest leg as needed to “catch up” to the power leg. Recognize potential in your downline, and offer assistance immediately to help them develop and lead their own teams.  Fire up highly motivated new members by putting a new recruit in their downline.

Move Fast and Be Fair

The key to keeping new team members happy is to put someone in their downline immediately after they join – it gives them faith in the system and motivates them to work hard to earn more. If you are recruiting people consistently, your team will do the same for the most part.  A win-win situation that works is to keep motivating your entire team!  Remember: the speed of the leader is the speed of the team.

Be a Titan

With the ongoing popularity of Bitcoin across the world, it looks as though digital currency is set to enjoy continued success on a global basis with more and more people likely to take an interest in buying and trading.

Become a leader in this space.

Educate and position yourself to prosper from what may be the most lucrative trading opportunity since Internet stocks.

What investment experts are saying…

“Bitcoin as a retirement vehicle is a trend that’s grown quite popular.” ~

“Bitcoin may be the most lucrative trading opportunity since internet stocks such as Inc. in the dot-com era.” Gordon Scott | Consultant and Analyst

“Bitcoin blockchain technology will be at the core of most transactions in the future. Healthcare, finance etc all will use it.” Mark Cuban | Billionaire Backing 1confirmation Crypto Investment VC

“I’ve told my friends that it is entirely rational to allocate one percent of your assets to Bitcoin — as I have. Call it schmuck insurance. As the 2008 crisis proved, schmucks can cause a world of damage.” Chamath Palihapitiya | Facebook Investor, Owner NBA Golden State Warriors

“Bitcoin is already simple to buy and hold, and as the asset continues to mature, we’ll continue to see an increase in the development and deployment of surrounding products.” Jeremy Liew | First Investor of Snapchat